Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the Chainsmokers

The chainsmokers are made of two members named, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They have only been a duo group for a couple of years, but have achieved many things since then. They have gained millions of followers around the world, and their fandom continues to grow. They have also won awards from the Grammy’s, The MTV Music Awards, the iHeart radio awards, Billboards music awards, and more. They have also collaborated with some well known artists. They collaborated with Coldplay, Halsey, Daya, and more. Some of their popular songs include: something just like this, closer, Paris, don’t let me down, and Roses.

They are currently putting out new music, which is going to have a darker vibe than their previous music. Their new hit is called “Sick boy.” They wanted to create music that their fans would relate to. They also wanted to grow their audience as they wrote their new music.

Before the Chainsmokers Alex Pall was already into DJing. He did it as a side job before he finally decided to give it a shot. His former manager then introduced him to Andrew shortly.

Andrew was a college student before the chainsmokers. He also loved music and wanted to make a career out of it after graduating college. His big break came sooner as he got the word from a friend that there was a duo group named the Chainsmokers looking for a second member. Andrew refused to decline the offer, so he got on a bus and headed to New York.

As soon as they met they began making music and the rest was history for the two. They now have millions of fans around the world, and are making music that are topping the charts for weeks.

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