Agora Financial: Providing Ordinary People With Quality Investment Advice

Many individuals would like to retire in financial security after finishing their careers. Most people accomplish this by saving for a nest egg that they will utilize after their retirement. However, most individuals don’t have the expertise required to analyze market trends and predict financial bubbles. Most brokers and financial advisers are not fiduciaries, this means that they are not required by law to make decisions that are in their clients’ best interest. Most brokers also earn money via commissions for every trade that they carry out. This incentivizes them to make as many trades as possible at their clients’ expense. These reasons ensure many individuals want to manage their investments for themselves. Managing one’s own investment is a time consuming business due to the amount and depth of information that is available. It is easy for a novice investor to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available. Agora Financial is a company that was created to help such individuals manage investment information.
Agora Financial is a ten year old company that helps novice investors get high quality and understandable investment advice. Agora Financial provides its clients with online publications, books, documentaries, seminars and newsletters. The company has over 1 million users who are using Agora’s approach for managing their savings and investments. The company provides over 20 publications that target specific areas of the market. Some of the publications also show clients how to protect wealth, generate income and find companies that are poised for quick growth.
Agora’s research is unbiased and independent as they do not accept commissions or money from investors or companies. Additionally Agora’s analysts do not make predictions while sitting in a chair, instead they go to the field and investigate companies and projects on site. The company spends over $1 million annually in travel costs to ensure that its client’s find investment opportunities that are not yet mainstream.

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