Adam Milstein’s Views On Israelis Making It In America

Ever since the modern nation of Israel was established and started becoming a force in the Middle East, there’s been a bit of a disconnection between them, established Jews in other countries and more so with any Israeli’s who’ve left their homeland. But when it comes to reconciling all of those relationships, that’s what businessman, activist and philanthropist Adam Milstein is doing through the Israeli-American Council and the Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein’s primary job is as Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, but his vision is for a unified Jewish-American community, and to help people get a better understanding of what Israel’s goals are. His views are that even if people don’t agree with the ideology or actions of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s still of their best interest to recognize Israel as being right.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel and was born shortly after the War of Independence that his father Hillel fought in after immigrating to the new nation. Adam followed in his father’s footsteps both as a soldier in the Israeli Defense forces and also in the real estate development trade. Adam Milstein also attended the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and then later moved to the US to complete his master’s at the University of Southern California. It was upon completing his education and cofounding Hager Pacific Properties, named for his friend David Hager that he and his wife Gila started noticing the lack of identity that some Israeli-Americans had after leaving Israel and in trying to find an identity. And hence why they started the Milstein Family Foundation and several of its allies.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila not only support Israeli-American activist groups financially, they dedicate their own personal time to them. The Israeli-American Council as well as AIPAC host conferences on issues affecting various communities, some of which American politicians have also been involved with. But they also have programs geared towards college students such as Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships. As for families specifically, Adam and Gila Milstein have a Hebrew learning program that teaches young children not only the language, but also about stories and culture for family reading and more

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