A Quick Review of Award Winning NewsWatch TV

In a video review, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the marketing director of Avanca, was interviewed about NewsWatch and said, “We love it! The team is great, the support is good, and the interviewer is excellent.” She went to praise NewsWatch for their aid in the promotion of their crowdfunding campaign. They needed 10,000 dollars in 30 days and, with NewsWatch’s help, they surpassed their goal and reached 456,551 dollars. With such a huge increase over their goal, it’s no wonder Avanca has worked with NewsWatch on multiple occasions and gives them such great reviews. Nathalie had also said, “We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team.”

Founded back in 1990, NewsWatch is a television show that has won many awards. It is a show with a consumer, entertainment, and technology format that sheds light on all kinds of topics including celebrity interviews, breaking medical and government news, public service announcements, consumer electronic reviews, and consumer reviews. They also have on- location satellite media tour (SMT) interviews, awareness movements for nation wide non- profit organizations, and video news releases (VNRs). The show is usually aired in the morning at 7a.m. on AMC Network, independent syndicated local stations, and all Ion Television branches. Being originally based out of Washington, D.C., they also have offices in Denver, CO, Fairfax, VA, and New York City. Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company, owns and operates NewsWatch.

NewsWatch won a 2016 Silver Telly Award and was even nominated for a second one. For their 30 minute national television show, they also won a 2017 Marcom Award and they also achieved the 2017 Videographer award for excellence in 30 minute entertainment programming. NewsWatch is a buyer and enjoyment focused broadcast that showcases both editorial and paid segments, where corporations can promote and market their product or services.


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