Glen Wakeman is a business owner and mentor to many

Glen Wakeman, professional entrepreneur and mentor has helped countless people get their businesses up and running. He does this with LaunchPad Holdings LLC, the company he founded. It utilizes the ease of technology to help budding entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into a plausible plan that makes starting a whole lot easier. LaunchPad Holdings LLC, also provides a long list of resources and information that every future company owner needs to know.

Each day Mr. Wakeman starts his day bright and early checking his company sales numbers each day to have a precise idea of what is going on. Glen then proceeds to take care of the day’s responsibilities including meeting with associates, doing research, and dividing tasks between his peers and associates. Glen Wakeman uses his nature sense of curiosity to solve problems and understand them. It also gives him an edge by not giving up on challenges and takes the time and energy needed to figure things out. The successful businessman also founded and is CEO of Nova Four that also helps new businesses move their plans forward faster than they would by themselves. Mr. Wakeman is known as a mentor and has created a system to help businesses flourish. It is proven and focuses on 5 points of performance to change them to run way more efficiently and smoothly. These points of performance to be changed for the better are leadership, risk management, governance, execution, and human capital. When looking deeply at these factors businesses their potential of succeeding skyrockets.

Glen has also worked for big companies flexing his talent and skills to work his way up the corporate ladder. Mr. Wakeman worked at GE Capital for over two decades making a fantastic role model and leader. His expertise and leadership was much appreciated and his last role there was at Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. His outstanding performance showed as he exceeded all expectations and goals. With that being said he was ready to start a new business LaunchPad Holding LLC, which is a great product for entrepreneurs. Glen continues to work hard helping other succeed at their dreams.

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Desiree Perez on the Gender Pay Gap

Desiree Perez is a successful female executive in the entertainment industry. During her career, she has had to work hard to get ahead. When she started in the industry, it was common for females to get harassed. However, Desiree Perez was able to rise above other people to become a famous business leader.

She recently had an interview and gave her thoughts on the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is a fundamental gap between what men and women earn in the workplace. Over the past few years, this issue has become more prevalent in various industries. There are explainable reasons why the gender pay gap exists in some sectors. For example, many females leave the workplace after having children and then return a few years later.

In the entertainment industry, this gap is not as easy to explain.

Thoughts on Pay Gap

Desiree Perez believes that actors and actresses should be paid equally regardless of their gender. Few people understand how much of a gap exists in the entertainment industry. Male workers receive a much higher rate of pay in movies than females do. Desiree Perez is currently fighting for legislation to help solve this problem. One issue with the entire discussion is that many variables impact compensation.

Desiree Perez has had a great career so far. Even though she could retire, she plans to continue working for several decades. She is excited about all of the changes that are taking place in her industry, and she plans to keep fighting for equal treatment for females.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden And The Work That She Completes

There are some doctors like Dr. Jennifer Walden who have found success and who know how to give to each of their patients in a valuable way. This woman received an undergraduate degree to start off her formal training. This degree was through the University of Texas and it was a Biology degree. After receiving that undergraduate degree, this woman went on to receive an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She worked hard at her school and she graduated as the Salutatorian of her class.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completed a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and Jennifer Walden learned much during that time. After she was finished with the residency, she went on to get a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

There are many things that a surgeon can be known for and many ways that a surgeon can serve their patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden works as a plastic surgeon, and she is known for using a special kind of 3-D technology to show her patients how they will look when she has finished her work. She is also someone who has developed special instruments to be used in breast surgery. She is someone who does more than just the traditional work of a surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completes work on the bodies of her patients, including their breasts. She works on the faces of her patients as well as their skin. She can give her patients a face lift, an brow lift, or a chin implant. She knows how to help change the appearance of each of her patients, and she does her work in a careful way.

Shervin Pishevar points to dangers in U.S. lack of global competitiveness

While free trade is never supposed to be a zero-sum game, in a globalized world, there will always be winners and losers. Those who have the most to lose are the advanced countries that cannot keep pace with the changes in fundamental productivity seen by their leaner and hungrier developing-world counterparts.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, he expounded on a number of pressing issues that are currently confronting the United States. One of the topics on which he held forth was the problems that an uncompetitive America will soon be facing in a globalized world.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the globalization of most industries is inevitable. This means that the United States will eventually be forced to trim the layers of fat that its clunky and corrupt political system has wrought throughout the land. As an example, Shervin Pishevar points to a train station that was built recently in China. The station serves a medium-sized city and will be able to handle hundreds of arrivals and departures each day. The entire train station, according to Shervin Pishevar, was completed in just nine days.

Such an incredible rate of construction is completely unthinkable in the United States. Projects like Boston’s Big Dig have made the U.S. notorious as a place where cost overruns and deadline misses are just a part of the public infrastructure landscape. But Pishevar warns that simply identifying that the problem exists will soon prove to be insufficient. That’s because train stations and other public works projects continue to bring China closer to and, in some cases, exceeding the productivity of the U.S. When China can produce steel at half the cost of American steel mills, hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are in peril of being lost.

Pishevar believes that the United States will soon be facing a crisis of its political system. It will need to refine and reconstruct the systems that govern how it does business. Pishevar believes that many regulations will become untenable and government agencies may have to radically downsize.

The Incredible and ongoing success of Talos Energy

It has been quite some time since any private company has sunk an oil well in Mexican waters. However, it is now the time that energy companies are finally drilling in Mexican waters. This new advancement is sure to influence the global energy markets. This will be opening a new door too many companies in the future who have their sights on global development.

Talos energy is one of the major shareholders in this new Mexican oil well. Talos energy stands out above many other energy companies due to their equity from private backers and their amazing corporate team. With more than 16,000 barrels of oil being produced each day by Talos Energy in the Mexican Gulf. With field operators bringing the employee count to 120 employees, Talos Energy is really focusing on how they treat their employees. During their time of growth, Talos Energy is not among the leaders for employee compensation. However, as they grow, they are more than willing to grow their employees’ compensation.

The entrepreneurial spirit at Talos Energy attracts those who have the will to go above and beyond to help this Energy company succeed. These self-motivated individuals understand what it takes to really take a business to the next level. They are willing to grow with the company and be compensated for this later in the process. The future looks very bright for this energy company with their new venture into the global energy market.

Talos Energy continues to find success in their endeavors on a regular basis. With the ability of all employees to work as a team, the future looks very bright for this budding energy company. It will only be a matter of time before this company has a major hand in the greater global energy market. It will be very exciting to see where Talos is headed in the next few years.

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Stansberry Research Bearish on Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett’s venture Berkshire Hathaway, Inc is reportedly being poorly managed and has the potential for failure. This information is reported in the March 9 issue of the Stansberry Digest. Buffett has not been as successful as the conglomerate would like the investing public to believe. They have lost much of their competitiveness within the S&P 500 and there are rumors that the company may be divided into smaller ventures and businesses instead of maintaining their incorporation.


Berkshire Hathaway Businesses

Berkshire Hathaway has ownership of many lucrative and successful insurance companies. The corporation also has vested ownership of industrial firms. Poorly considered investments are harming the bottom line however. Due to the poor management, investors and shareholders will soon be financially affected (


A Cover-up?

Stansberry Research has called the lack of transparency by the Berkshire Hathaway corporation a cover-up by Warren Buffett. They believe Buffett has been dishonestly reporting heightened value of the company rather than telling shareholders the truth. Stansberry Research has advised that the industrial firms sect of Berkshire Hathaway be sold off before it drags the insurance industry down with it. The group also suggests that the shareholders request Buffett’s resignation as CEO.


About Stansbury Research, LLC

Stansberry Research, LLC is a publishing company that concentrates on investigations and research into investment and financial intel as well as for software. They are a front-runner in publishing information in a subscription-based format.

Articles published by Stansberry Research, LLC involve stocks, commodity markets, global currency and stocks, and updates on major world-wide stock markets. They are up-to-date on their information regarding gold, copper, oil, and the health of the US dollar.

Their publication advises and opines as well as recommends to their readership those markets that are promising or failing. This information is important to anyone who chooses to make their money in the stock markets. They predict future gains and losses based on the information gained by their experienced research department.

Jed McCaleb Predicts the Future of Stellar and other Blockchain Companies

Jed McCaleb’s first big contribution to the programming world was eDonkey’s downloading protocol. Version’s of Jed McCaleb’s original system is still used in peer to peer downloading to this day. Next came Mt. Gox, a trading platform for gamers that evolved into the first worldwide bitcoin exchange system. He has leaped further into the blockchain world with Stellar, his newest creation.


Stellar is a blockchain company that has already made deals all over Asia and Europe. They are even partnered with one of the biggest computer manufacturers in history, IBM. Companies and institutions that are partnered with Stellar enjoy a variety of benefits. They can conduct international payments much cheaper and faster than any other method available in today. Clients are also happy to know that the system is completely secure due to the methods employed by blockchain. Records are held on thousands of devices instead of a single device like other banking systems.


Jed McCaleb is involved in Stellar because he believes blockchain is the future of banking. A sentiment he shared with the public in an interview with CNBC. “In the future,” he began. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate.”


This should come as no surprise when you consider how hard Stellar has been working on their global expansions. Stellar lists 45 clients and partners from all over the world on its official website. The clientele of Stellar consists of names like Telindus, Anglo African, Poseidon, Hijro, and Factury. These are the companies that Stellar is working with to supply banking needs all over the world.


Jed McCaleb also expressed his belief that even stocks will one day be traded on a blockchain network. One company, Securrency, is already making moves in that direction. Securrency allows investors to pay for stocks via bitcoin.

Sahm Believes Kodak’s Latest Business Efforts To Be Shady And Issues Caution To All Investors

Sahm Adrangi has gained recognition within the investment industry these days thanks to his work in various firms and his impressive accomplishment with Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, invests in various companies and projects around the world, and so far they have done so to great success. Sahm Adrangi has been taking extra focus to the latest crypto and blockchain technologies that have been making their way into the market today.

Kerrisdale released a report recently on one such company that was getting involved with cryptocurrency that should most likely be avoided. This company is Kodak, which is known for their accessories and products in photography. Despite their long past and being a once major corporation, they have majorly fallen behind the competition today. With one of their latest announcements into cryptocurrency, their stock prices jumped a whopping 187 percent.

While this looks like an investors dream with the soaring prices of these stocks, Sahm Adrangi has urged investors to be wary before actually investing. Sahm believes Kodak’s stocks are just highly overvalued currently and they will likely dimish short-term. Kodak’s other subsidiaries are also in poor positions, even more so than Eastman Kodak. While there may be apparent value at the moment, Kodak is not using the Cryptocurrency and blockchain to their overall advantage, rather they are trying to employ some type of scheme.

Sahm Adrangi has also warned of Kodak’s partners since they have highly mixed backgrounds with little credibility to their names. This is also expected of cryptocurrency groups since there have been many scams since the rise of crypto. Even when scams are not present, cryptocurrency is very unstable and not worth relying on. This is something that calls into question what Kodak management is currently trying to do, which Sahm has plainly said to be a scheme. Ever since first starting up Kerrisdale Capital in 2009, Sahm has been making near-perfect decisions in the market when choosing good companies for investing, this is why Sahm’s advice is widely followed in the industry.

The Purpose of Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) with Robert Johnson

The correctional facilities are there to see that the inmates get a chance to reform and become a better version of themselves. The other purpose the jail facilities are purposed to do is to ensure that the public is safe from individuals who may harm them. The two objectives of the correctional facilities cannot be met if there are contraband cells and other illegal commodities in the facilities.

The use of contraband cells is the mother of all evils in the prisons. All the illegal commodities are ordered through the cells. There was a video circulated by Securus Technologies of a prisoner brandishing a knife. These incidences lead to murder cases in jail and inmates hurting each other. Securus Technologies is dedicated to seeing there are no such cases.

The FCC met to discuss the dangers of contraband cells in the facilities. Robert Johnson attended the meeting to give his testimony to show the damage the illegal cells can cause. Johnson is an ex-officer who is currently working as a paid consultant of Securus Technologies.

Robert Johnson is a survival of the ugly incidence of a setup of the contraband cells. It all started when he confiscated illegal things worth $50000, the inmates involved were obviously not pleased with his actions, and they resolved to kill him. One morning when he was preparing for work, he had some loud noises, and when he called out from the hallway, his attacker came, and the only thing he remembers from here is waking up in a hospital bed.

In the meeting, they were suggestions of having the mobile networks blocked completely in the correctional facilities. However, the federal law forbids blocking network completely in any area. Securus Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) is the best solution to the problem.

This means that Securus Technologies has created a mobile network in the correctional facilities. However, the WCS only allows authorized numbers from the facilities. The WCS blocks all the other calls from reaching the other individuals, protecting the people in the free world. WCS also blocks any internet connections from the facilities. In the past years, the facility has managed to block more than 1.7 calls from inmates. The calls might have caused damage to innocent people.

Recently, a nine-month-old baby boy was shot in broad daylight in the arms of his mother. This was an order from the correctional facilities. The reason for the malicious act was that some inmates were not pleased with the way the uncle was behaving.

Robert Johnson says this is disturbing and needs to come to an end. Despite having undergone 23 surgeries and living with pain all his life, he is determined to see that there are no contraband cells in the jail facilities.


Trabuco Takes On Position Of Chairman At Bradesco

During the past year, Bradesco has undergone a number of changes, particularly concerning the people working at the company in prominent positions. As of March 2018, the company has a new person in the position of chairman of the company and also has a new President.

The changes in the management occurred when the company’s previous chairman decided to retire. His retirement would leave vacant one of the essential positions within Bradesco, which is why it then becomes essential to fill up the position at the earliest. After much consideration by the board of directors of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was asked to take over in the position of Chairman at Bradesco.

Over the years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has demonstrated that his skill and contribution to the field are notable and things that can significantly benefit Bradesco as a whole. As a leader to the company, he has helped Bradesco grow to become one of the leading private banks in the entire country. Before he was offered to take on the role of Chairman of the company, Trabuco stood as the President of Bradesco. He took up this position in 2009, which was when Bradesco was standing as the second largest bank in the country. Having worked for the entirety of his career at Bradesco, he was able to implement some changes that would improve every facet of the company and its overall workings. Through the work that he did, Bradesco grew and once again managed to attain its number one spot. It was something that Bradesco had been working towards for an incredibly long time, and was something that helped the company as it progressed through the banking sector.

Being such an important figure at Bradesco was one of the many reasons why the companies board of directors decided that Trabuco should be asked to take over the position as the chairman of Bradesco. But the company also had a standing rule that one member of the company cannot carry out multiple positions at once. Because of this, it becomes essential for the company’s board of directors to choose another member to take on the position of President of the company. The board was once again put in a position wherein they had to evaluate the current members at Bradesco and determine who would be the best leader to the company. After much consideration, Octavio de Lazari was chosen to take over the position that Trabuco once held at the company.

Octavio and Trabuco share a lot of similarities which is why the board of directors saw him as a viable person to take over the position. Both of the leaders had been working for the company since the beginning of their careers, and both of them have worked their way up, holding important positions within the company.

There is without a doubt that Octavio will be able to take on the new position and perform it well, the same, for Trabuco.

Graduating from the University Of Sao Paulo (USP), with a degree in philosophy, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi initial position with Bradesco was a bank clerk back in 1969, in his and Bradesco home town of Marilia. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a bank clerk for two years, before moving to Sao Paulo in 1971, and was promoted to be the Director of Marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as the Director of Marketing, understood the importance of having a good reputation in the public eye, and this can best be achieved by having a good relationship with the media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is noted for modernizing the bank’s culture to embrace the media, and encourage a more transparent culture, and media friendly company.

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