Dr. David Samadii Warns That Alcohol Consumption Can Increase Cancer Risk

Many people are unaware of how lifestyle habits, such as drinking alcohol can increase the risk for cancer, says Dr. David Samadi, Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi has addressed this issue in former published articles, like “The More A Man Drinks Alcohol, The Higher His Risk Of Prostate Cancer”, and “Alcohol Linked to 7 Cancers.” Several studies at Cambridge University, say drinking can permanently damage your DNA, leading to mutations.

Alcohol Metabolites Are Toxic To Cells

In a study performed at Cambridge University, researchers say Acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol, is toxic and has the ability to alter the cell reproductive cycle, thus starting the formation of a tumor mass.

During the investigations, the authors of the study observed the damages of Acetaldehyde on the blood stem cells, which give rise to all the adult cells: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, dendritic cells and lymphocytes. Acetaldehyde would cause rupture and so-called rearrangement of portions of DNA within these cells. A real mutation that then reappears in all subsequent generations of cells. Dr. Samadi, an expert oncologist and urologist, warns alcohol consumption has steep risk factors.

The body does have a defense system, Dr. David Samadi points out. There are cases in which the body has a strong endogenous repair system to “repair” the damage caused to DNA, however, in other cases it shows that the body is not that efficient.

The study shows that if the body is not able to convert alcohol adequately, it can translate into an even greater risk of damage caused to DNA and thus, mutate into various types of cancer. Dr. Samadi points out, DNA repair is not perfect, so this study means that in many cases, the alcohol could still cause cancer.

As an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Samadi suggests everyone should be diligent in monitoring what they eat, drink and if they are getting enough exercise. A healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of developing cancer.

Dr. David Samadi has spent more than two decades delivering accurate and usable medical information. From Director at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to Vice Chairman of Urology at Mt Sinai Hospital to his current role as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi has become one of the best known oncology urologist.

He is also the host of Sunday Housecall, which airs on Sundays at 12:30. The medical talk show offers advice and insight into a variety of diseases. In addition to his expertise, he also showcases esteemed medical panelists that offer medical news, developments and updates.

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The Secret to Aging: Dr. Dov Rand

There are several people globally dealing with serious health issues that can occur with people dealing with hormone imbalances and deficiencies. Traditional hormone therapy is still used as a primary means of treating such ailments, however, this method has many side effects including a higher risk for breast cancer, stroke, blood clots; and many other risks. These facts have prompted both doctors and patients to seek alternatives. Once longtime proponent of such an alternative is Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Dov Rand, as President of the medical facility named Healthy aging Medical Centers; has served as President of the Centers since before 2011. He and his staff focus on symptoms related to aging and create custom therapy regiments to assist in reversing the effects of disease and restoring good health and energy that patients have lost since their younger years. Dr. Dov Rand begins the process of using bio identical hormones by initiating a blood test and using its analysis, creating custom plans such as diets specific to the patients needs as well as an exercise regime. During this process, Dr. Dov Rand and his staff also examine for genetic markers to more clearly establish possible conditions like obesity, or heart disease, even cancer. Any deficiencies found here can be addressed at this time. Dr. Dov Rand has a deep belief in HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone created by women during pregnancy. Dr. Dov Rand believes this hormone to be a key factor in weight loss and reversing the effects of the aging process. Dr. Dov Rand’s patients report the several positive results of what is known as the HCG diet include lowered insulin levels, more confidence, increased energy, a rejuvenated metabolism; and of course weight loss. Dr. Dov Rand has stated that all human beings have both good and bad hormones. Aging increases the amount of bad hormones while simultaneously decreasing the levels of good hormones. Finding a balance is key to living a healthy, satisfied, and longer life.

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Glen Wakeman, A Brief Description Of His Journey

Glen Wakeman is a business leader who honed the art of instructing small independent businesses to implement several factors into their industries in order that they generate their maximum potential to ultimately profit majorly as a subsequent result. Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Launch Pad holdings, where ideas are fed, explained, and sharpened so that the proper education is dispensed out to individuals who just have an idea, but do not have a plan to carry out their well thought out ah hah moments. Yes the worst job Glen ever endured was at a car shop where the work was grotesque and filthy, yet Glen persevered and now he is an Executive, Member of a Board, Chief Officer, Small Business Owner, and a Mentor with more than fifteen years of supervising staff at General Electric under his belt. Even though Glen Wakeman initially regretted not having a means of communication with the friendships he has cultivated over his two decades of experience in investments, he attributes that social media may more or less help colleagues connect to each other easier, in order to maintain the sacred bridge certain people share. Despite past reflections, Glen actively seeks out associations whose members are of the entrepreneurial spirit, thus expanding his ability to maintain contacts of people whom he meets. Glen has had many ups and downs as an innovator of the corporate world, but he has always learned from them, and has also allowed those difficult times to expand his curiosity. In fact, curiosity is the one ingredient Glen Wakeman utilizes whenever he faces a situation which allows him to embrace a change of some sort. Speaking of the ability to sense when learning needs to happen, Glen has learned there is an undeveloped niche in the area of connecting creatives and executives to do real life business deals together called Snarkify.



O2Pur, providing unique Ecig flavors

In 1963, Herbert A Gilbert came up with the idea of developing a product that would help people in the process of quitting smoking by the use of a device that would give them the illusion of smoking without the actual tobacco smoke content. He signed scientist the task of developing a patent which they failed to do. It wasn’t until 2004 when a pharmacist by the mane Hon Lik working at the Golden Dragon Holdings Inc. currently under the name Ryan was able to design the actual product which he named an Electronic Cigarette.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, popularly known as Ecig is a device that is designed like an actual cigar and cigarette, which can be smoked but does not produce smoke or have any contents of tobacco.

How it works

The Ecig comes in a series of parts that are put together in the form of a kit. The kit contains a mouthpiece that is designed in the form of a tube from which one inhales. There is also a containment system where a liquid made from nicotine and propylene or any other base liquid is placed. The liquid goes by the term e-juice. There is the heating system where the fluid is heated and turned to vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece. The heating system is powered by a battery that usually is rechargeable in nature. Finally, there is the electronic route through which the heating system and the battery are connected.

These parts are put together in such a way that when one powers the cig and inhales, the liquid is heated to produce the vapor that is smoked in a process called vaping as opposed to what people call smoking.

Where to make a purchase

Currently, there are more than 460 companies that produce Ecig products. One of the most reliable is O2Pur. O2Pur provides a range of products and have a specific flavor that is obtained from blending the mandatory nicotine product with methanol as the base. Their products range in prices but are all relatively affordable and available both online and in their shops in different parts of the country.

O2Pur also provides a starter kit for newbies complete with instructions and lower vapor range products.

Sheldon Lavin’s Tips for Success

For many starting businesses, the industry can seem daunting and rife with possible troubled waters. It’s common that an issue may arise that business owners may not have been fully prepared to handle. How business owners tackle those issues may be the tipping point between a successful business and one that crumbles early. Sheldon Lavin is a successful CEO of OSI Group, a leading company in the meatpacking and food processing sphere. Despite the United States taciturn relationship with these institutions, Sheldon Lavin has helped steer OSI into successful waters and ward off potential financial ruin.

One of the key factors that Lavin believes has made OSI successful, is its conscious effort to perform business in a way that follows society demands, regardless of the costs it may incur as a result. For example, many millennials and other customers are wary of the environmental toll that meatpacking and food processing businesses create. To curb this worry, Lavin has made sure that each facility conducts itself in ways that keep the environment in mind–maintaining a healthy focus on impacting the environment as little as possible and keep their company green. Although this may make running their business a bit more expensive than other companies, their customers obviously prefer the extra steps that OSI has taken. Their business has grown where many others have started to dwindle. The extra steps have brought in business simply because millennials and environment-conscious customers choose to buy products from a business that adheres to their values and interests.

Sheldon Lavin began as a financial consultant and considers it his passion to this day. With a keen understanding of the market and carefully honed instincts, he was able to receive his first financial successes when he began work at Otto and Sons. Since then, he’s built confidence in his work and has enjoyed many successful endeavors since then. Another aspect of his success–and the success of the business–is by understanding technological trends. By utilizing them through marketing strategies, businesses can reach a wider audience and have a better chance of pulling in new customers.

Through keeping an eye on the changing values of society and incorporating the latest trends and developments in technology, Sheldon Lavin keeps his business successful and profitable. These are two key factors any starting business should keep in mind when plotting the path ahead to profit. It has certainly worked for Sheldon Lavin.

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David Giertz and Retirement Help

David Giertz has had a revelation that he wants to share with everyone. The majority of retired persons who reside in the United States simply haven’t put together adequate savings. Retirement without a doubt is something that requires a considerable sum of money. It’s particularly costly for individuals who wish to go into retirement quicker than most. It’s costly for people who have longevity as well. There are other factors that can lead to serious issues for retired persons in the United States, too. Some people who are old enough for retirement access their social security payments prematurely. This is an issue due to the fact that it actually reduces the money they end up receiving when all is said and done. It can translate to reduced payments each month for people who don’t want to delay matters until they’re old enough to commence retirement.

Giertz regularly talks about typical errors that are linked to individuals who have gone into retirement. Gathering a sizable retirement fund is a lot simpler for people who are on the young side. Gathering a good retirement fund can seem next to impossible for people, on the other hand, who are going to be retiring in just five years or so. There are even people who try to collect funds for retirements that come even more swiftly than that.

David Giertz is an executive who has been on the Nationwide Financial Distributors staff for an extended stretch of time. He’s not only an employee at the firm, either. He’s also its highly respected President. Giertz has had a financial services field presence for more than three decades total. That’s precisely why people can comfortably count on all of his nuggets of wisdom. He offers consumers financial guidance that’s unequaled. He frequently comes to the aid of people who are on the verge of going into the retirement life.

David Giertz has an account on Twitter, a credible social networking website. He’s located in Dublin, Ohio and has been part of the Twitter universe since the winter of 2017. His facebook messages talk about subjects like social security.

How Lawrence Bender Help Make “Pulp Fiction” A Reality

Many people come to Hollywood in hopes of making it big. However, one producer was not only able to beat the odds, he was able to change the face of Hollywood forever. That producer, Lawrence Bender, has been rocking the world of movies for over three decades.

The story of Lawrence Bender doesn’t begin at the top. In fact, Mr. Bender was a lowly producer of B-movies for several years on the outskirts of Hollywood. It took the young producer a chance meeting with another aspiring filmmaker to give him his big break.

That meeting took place at a mutual friend’s barbecue when Mr. Bender met Quentin Tarantino, who was looking to make his move into Hollywood. During the meeting, Tarantino pitched Bender the idea of a movie about a heist gone wrong. The young producer, sensing a great story, encouraged Tarantino to go ahead and write the screenplay.

The result was a film called “Reservoir Dogs.” Produced for about $2 million dollars, “Reservoir Dogs” is considered one of the seminal independent films of the 1990s. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1991 to rave reviews. Soon afterward, the two would team up on a film that would not only give the two their big break but change the world of movies for the better.

The duo’s follow-up film “Pulp Fiction” not only blew away audiences but, was listed as one of the top films of the year. The whirlwind year for Bender and Tarantino would end in a nomination for Best Picture at the 1994 Academy Awards.

Born in the Bronx in 1962, Lawrence Bender has produced well over 50 films in his 3-decade career. The producer has also widespread industry recognition including three nominations for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Among the films produced by Mr. Bender include “Good Will Hunting,” “Jackie Brown,” and “Inglorious Basterds.” As he enters his next decade of movie production, Lawrence Bender will seek to break more ground in the filmmaking world.


Glen Wakeman is a business owner and mentor to many

Glen Wakeman, professional entrepreneur and mentor has helped countless people get their businesses up and running. He does this with LaunchPad Holdings LLC, the company he founded. It utilizes the ease of technology to help budding entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into a plausible plan that makes starting a whole lot easier. LaunchPad Holdings LLC, also provides a long list of resources and information that every future company owner needs to know.

Each day Mr. Wakeman starts his day bright and early checking his company sales numbers each day to have a precise idea of what is going on. Glen then proceeds to take care of the day’s responsibilities including meeting with associates, doing research, and dividing tasks between his peers and associates. Glen Wakeman uses his nature sense of curiosity to solve problems and understand them. It also gives him an edge by not giving up on challenges and takes the time and energy needed to figure things out. The successful businessman also founded and is CEO of Nova Four that also helps new businesses move their plans forward faster than they would by themselves. Mr. Wakeman is known as a mentor and has created a system to help businesses flourish. It is proven and focuses on 5 points of performance to change them to run way more efficiently and smoothly. These points of performance to be changed for the better are leadership, risk management, governance, execution, and human capital. When looking deeply at these factors businesses their potential of succeeding skyrockets.

Glen has also worked for big companies flexing his talent and skills to work his way up the corporate ladder. Mr. Wakeman worked at GE Capital for over two decades making a fantastic role model and leader. His expertise and leadership was much appreciated and his last role there was at Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. His outstanding performance showed as he exceeded all expectations and goals. With that being said he was ready to start a new business LaunchPad Holding LLC, which is a great product for entrepreneurs. Glen continues to work hard helping other succeed at their dreams.

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Desiree Perez on the Gender Pay Gap

Desiree Perez is a successful female executive in the entertainment industry. During her career, she has had to work hard to get ahead. When she started in the industry, it was common for females to get harassed. However, Desiree Perez was able to rise above other people to become a famous business leader.

She recently had an interview and gave her thoughts on the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is a fundamental gap between what men and women earn in the workplace. Over the past few years, this issue has become more prevalent in various industries. There are explainable reasons why the gender pay gap exists in some sectors. For example, many females leave the workplace after having children and then return a few years later.

In the entertainment industry, this gap is not as easy to explain.

Thoughts on Pay Gap

Desiree Perez believes that actors and actresses should be paid equally regardless of their gender. Few people understand how much of a gap exists in the entertainment industry. Male workers receive a much higher rate of pay in movies than females do. Desiree Perez is currently fighting for legislation to help solve this problem. One issue with the entire discussion is that many variables impact compensation.

Desiree Perez has had a great career so far. Even though she could retire, she plans to continue working for several decades. She is excited about all of the changes that are taking place in her industry, and she plans to keep fighting for equal treatment for females.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden And The Work That She Completes

There are some doctors like Dr. Jennifer Walden who have found success and who know how to give to each of their patients in a valuable way. This woman received an undergraduate degree to start off her formal training. This degree was through the University of Texas and it was a Biology degree. After receiving that undergraduate degree, this woman went on to receive an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She worked hard at her school and she graduated as the Salutatorian of her class.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completed a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and Jennifer Walden learned much during that time. After she was finished with the residency, she went on to get a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

There are many things that a surgeon can be known for and many ways that a surgeon can serve their patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden works as a plastic surgeon, and she is known for using a special kind of 3-D technology to show her patients how they will look when she has finished her work. She is also someone who has developed special instruments to be used in breast surgery. She is someone who does more than just the traditional work of a surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completes work on the bodies of her patients, including their breasts. She works on the faces of her patients as well as their skin. She can give her patients a face lift, an brow lift, or a chin implant. She knows how to help change the appearance of each of her patients, and she does her work in a careful way.