Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Display Innovation With Techstyle

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two guys redesigning the fashion world. Their new company Techstyle is taking over for their original fashion brand JustFab, as they take their fast fashion online to a new level. JustFab, their original brand name, has grown into multiple brands, Fabletics, FabKids and Shoedazzle. All these brands will now fall under the Techstyle Fashion Group.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg strategy is to introduce the fast fashion industry online. They ultimately desire to make women feel good and be more comfortable in their active wear.

The JustFab brand has been a major success for Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg with over 650 million dollars in sales since they started the brand back in 2010. The company now employs over 2000 people.

At the age of 15 Adam Goldenberg created Gamers Alliance Inc. and would later sell the company to Intermix Media. He would go on to drop out of high school and become the Vice President of Strategic Planning for Intermix. During his time at InterMix Media Adam Goldenberg would become the Chief Operating Officer of the company at the age of 20, the youngest C.O.O of any public traded company in history.

Don Ressler has built his reputation as a brand building genius. He has helped multiple companies and under his guidance has led these companies to do a billion dollars in sales, while also raising a 100 million dollars in capital. Don Ressler got his start on Intermix Media when he sold his company Fitness to Intermix.

While at Intermix Media Don Ressler co-founded Alena Media as well as the very popular skin care product Hydroderm.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg met during their times at InterMix Media. They would start Intelligent Beauty which was their foot in the fashion worlds door. Their new company Techstyle is not only leading the way with fashion ecommerce innovation but is also giving back to the community. Techstyle has participated in community gardens as well as participating in a charity which helps low income students get gowns and accessories to attend their proms. Techstyle is proving to be a shrewd innovation for the two ecommerce sensations Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

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Michael Terpins, the Monstrous Brazilian Rally Driver

This is the year that Michael Terpins is finishing up his tenth participation in the competition. He joined the racing industry in 2002, not as a rally driver but as a cyclist and he performed so well. However, Michael changed his mind along the way and decided to pursue the same interest as his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins. In the previous four years, Michael has set an impressive record by making an evolution in his piloting with the T-Rex.

Michael’s Comrade

Michael Terpins drive alongside his comrade by the name Taubate, who has some deep experience in Sertoes Rally in the curriculum. Taubate is also a professional who has gained some deep experience thereby winning four titles in the same competition. Michael admits this fact by stating that Taubate is an expert who has gained lots of experience and is using them to augment their turning which is perfect; courtesy of Taubate. It is imperative to note that the first two stages of the rally are essential for they add up to the tallying and final ranking of the national championship.

The Team

It is due to the immense love for the speed that brought the two brothers together. Michael and Rodrigo Terpins and other comrades to form the Bull sertoes team rally team. They pioneers of the team are also the mentors who are working hard to ensure that the aspiring rally drivers are accorded the key knowledge that they need to succeed in their impending career. The two brothers have been racing together for a very long time and are using vehicles manufactured by MEM motorsport, the Sertoes Rally. They as well take part in the Brazillian Cross Country Competition where they never fail to perform outstandingly.

In spite the fact that he joined the racing industry as a cyclist, the fact that Michael Terpins advanced to car racing has really contributed positively toward the success in his career. He is one competitor who has gained rich skills and experience that he uses to grow his reputation as one of the best rally drivers in Brazil. With his brother as one of the mentors, Michael has all that he needs to succeed in the industry.

Onelogin Prefers Application of Biometrics in Authentication

Passwords have been used for decades to secure the access to company data. The password is however no longer the most secure method of protecting valuable information because of the continuous data breach that is common in the modern world. Hackers breaching into computer systems and posting lists of usernames and passwords on the internet is common. Security professionals have responded to the acts of breaching by developing more secure methods for keeping important and valuable information safer. The biometric authentication method is currently the best method of keeping data.

Biometrics are two main categories, physiological and behavioral biometrics. Physiological biometrics includes the voice, fingerprints, facial and iris pattern recognition, and the heartbeat. Behavioral biometrics, on the other hand, includes factors like left or right handedness, keystrokes dynamics, and hand tremor.

Behavioral biometrics do not have instant uniqueness characteristics like physiological techniques. The factors are therefore not ideal for a single form of authentication and therefore the approach is best used alongside other data including physiological biometrics as well as device data such as hardware attributes. Security professionals are therefore charged with the responsibility of finding the perfect combination of both physiological and behavioral biometrics and password authentication to be used by their respective companies in the overall identification and access to the management strategy.

The Google market has designed Project Abacus with which uses both physiological and behavioral biometrics that reduces the use of passwords but does not eliminate it. It has been tested in academic setups and has been proved to be effective. The biometrics identification is faced with some challenges. Biometric readers are expensive and therefore not all the companies can afford the costs of providing the biometric readers. The types of biometric combination to be used by companies for authentication should also be picked properly. Developers are required to make the biometric authentication method easier to use and deploy. Both the physiological and the behavioral biometrics should be combined with passwords for authentication purposes.

Onelogin is a cloud identity as well as an access management solutions company. The company was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. Onelogin operates in more than 44 countries and serves more than 2000 organizations.

ClassDojo: Transforming Communication Between Classroom and Home

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, ClassDojo helps build a connection between home and family that is easy, at your fingertips, and convenient in so many ways. Creating a two-wau communication from classroom to home as quickly as possible allows for a smoother school year for all involved; teacher, parent, and student. ClassDojo creates a virtual relationship between a student, parent and the teacher that will prove quite critical as the year progresses.

ClassDojo is an application for the classroom. It can be logged in through a computer or the app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. The sign up process is simple, too. Each child is provided with an individual code that the parent uses to login and connect to their child’s classroom. Teachers and parents are able to send private messages to each other. Parents can send message to the teacher asking question, providing an update, or instantly voicing a concern in a timely manner. Teachers can instantly respond, share updates, and share photos to parents.

Sometimes the classroom is in the midst of an exciting learning experience, and the teacher may want to share a photo and update to the classroom story. Updates of what is occurring in the classroom keeps parents in the loop, students accountable, and the teacher is able to answer questions or concerns in a timely manner versus days or weeks down the road.

In this tech-savvy society we live in, ClassDojo is a tremendous addition to the education world. See real time learning. Learn about what is occurring in the classroom or put a parent’s mind at ease over a concern all with a few clicks of a keyboard or phone screen. This app has transformed the way the classroom communicates with the home.

The Charismatic Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a lettered man who has served in different capacities in the profession that he pursues and in the lined of serving humanity. Tony resides in Houston Texas in the US. He has a career that spans many years. He is an alumnus of the Yale University. He obtained his BSc (Math) degree and Masters in Mathematics from Yale University. He went further and acquired the Juris Doctor status from the Harvard School of Law. He wound up his studies in the seventies.

He kicked off his profession when he joined the law firm called Baker & McKenzie In 1979. The firm dealt with general Corporate Law, International, arbitration and taxation issues that involved various companies and entities that required to the settle legal suits. He did work with a good deal of enthusiasm and passion for grasping the dynamics that encompassed his profession. Tony rose to the position of Managing Partner in the year 1986 due to the massive efforts he injected into the system. He was an indispensable asset to the team of lawyers that tried to crack controversial cases that pitted their clients.

He left his position in the law firm and then founded Nabors Industries Ltd. He was an elected member of the company as at the time he joined the company. He became Deputy Chairman of the company and Chief Operating Officer of the company in 2003 up to October 2011. He became the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2011 to date. He has occupied the presidency of the company since 1991.

Tony Petrello is a significant figure in the realms of philanthropists. He happened to have a child called Carena who suffered from a neurological disease that exacerbated cerebral palsy called periventricular Leukomalacia. This stimulated him into contributing 5 million dollars to the research institute at Texas Children Hospital which tried to decipher the cause and the antidote for the grave malady.He accosted Dan Duncan who is the Chairman and Director attached to Enterprise Products Company so that they could devise a way on how they could combat the debilitating disease that plagued his child and others who were held at the Texas Children Hospital.

That resulted in the establishment of Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children Hospital. Tony Petrello believed in the potential in the children with the disease and hence contributed to that cause so that they can realize their dreams.

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Taking Plastic Surgery to Greater Heights with Jennifer Walden in Austin

One of the best plastic surgeons who is a woman named Dr. Jenifer Walden has taken the medical industry notch higher. She went to University of Texas Medical Branch that is situated in Galveston where she attained her education. Manhattan Hospital is one of the institutions where she did her first internship. Dr. Jennifer Walden began her career in cosmetic surgery in New York City when she finished her education hence these enabled her to know how the medical sector runs. Being close to her family and starting a new clinic is the main reason why she moved to Austin, Texas.

Apart from attending to plastic surgery patients, she as well is a co-author and she has published books that share information about cosmetic surgery sector. The books have that she has written have been well accepted in the community.

Jennifer Walden also offers aesthetic medicine solution in Texas. Furthermore, the cosmetic procedures that he deals with include eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, breast implants, and facelifts. Other services that she offers to clients is weight management which entails liposuctions they are done on individual abdomen, thighs, and hand in order to eliminate additional fat from the tissues. Botox injection and soft tissue fillers are also some of the non-invasive surgical procedure that Jennifer Walden also deals with.

Through undertaking medicine that is male-dominated sector is other reason that she has accomplished a lot. She as well always guides young women to undertake medical professional and not see the medical sector being hard. She as well has been recognized all over the world hence these enabled her to make a good name for herself. Dr. Jennifer Walden also ensured that he partnered with other organization so that they can up with more innovative techniques that will help plastic surgery process. Lastly, she ensures that she creates a good rapport with clients in order to develop her business.

Don Ressler’s Businesses In The Fashion World Are Cashing In

TechStyle Fashion Group has become a big success in the e-commerce space. The birth of this enterprise is attributed to the union between technology and the fashion industry. The business has incorporated aspects of digital technology into the fashion world. The founders of the firm have had a major role in ensuring the company consistently grows.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who are the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group came into the market open-mindedly. It’s there never-ending efforts and that of their management teams and employees that made TechStyle a success.

Before venturing into TechStyle, Adam and Don had both made tremendous strides in the business world. While Don had made a fortune running his online business, Adam, on the other hand, witnessed the results of his hard work when his career in marketing earned a lot of money and business connections.

The two entrepreneurs were evidently destined to succeed when they decided to team up and create enterprises together. When their careers were at their best, the two left Intermix Media. A company they both worked for diligently. Their working experience at Intermix played a prominent role in shaping the careers of Don and Adam.

Though their stay at Intermix was short-lived, this is where the two businessmen met and became terrific friends. They shared a zeal for success, and both knew that the other would be a right business partner. The two shared their dreams in the fashion world, and together they saw the birth of JustFab Inc. Since they had earlier been involved in marketing, Don, and Adam had no problem in getting themselves through the hurdles that they came across in the business world. They decided to approach the fashion industry with a unique strategy which involved making technology a part of their business.

Over time, JustFab has benefited from funds brought by investors from different angles. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg left Intermix Media, they had amassed a fortune from the success of Alena Media. They saved up the money. When JustFab gained root in the industry, became widely known and the demand for their fashion products escalated, a group of investors known as Matrix Partners joined and provided more capital.

The funds brought into the enterprise through investments enabled JustFab to expand and improve its inventory. The funding brought about the growth of JustFab. Today JustFab as a company is a force to reckon in the fashion e-commerce.

Goettl Gives You Energy Efficiency Tips

Recently, The Bro Talk posted an article titled, “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer”. In this article, the HVAC experts from Goettl give tips to help consumers conserve their energy in the warmer months.

Goettl listed four main tips.

The first was making sure to stay on top of regular maintenance with your AC system. Air conditioning units need to have their air filters replaced from time to time and should also regularly be checked for leaks. The use of a ceiling fan can also be extremely helpful. While they cannot cool your house on their own, they help to circulate air, which is especially important in areas of high humidity.

Upgrading your thermostat was the third tip. In a modern age, old-fashioned thermostats can cost you money. But changing to a smart thermostat that can be programmed can save you money on your electric bills. And finally, keeping your HVAC system out of direct sunlight means less work for it to have to cool the same amount of air, thus not overworking your unit. This saves time and money! Check out Indeed to see more.

Goettl Air Conditining is an HVAC specialized company.

Goettl have offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern California. They have been in business since 1926 and are a well-known name in the HVAC services industry. For potential customers interested in their services, they offer a free services estimate. Some of the services they provide include heating and cooling, duct sealing, geothermal heating and cooling, and even comprehensive plumbing services. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho: Building a Career as Brazil’s Top Lawyer

Brazil ranks among the countries with the largest number of lawyers globally. The lucrative profession has attracted people from various parts of the country specializing in different areas including business, criminal, constitutional, environmental, and intellectual property law. The Latin Lawyer guide publishes the top professionals and firms in Brazil. One of the law firms listed among the top performers in the field of litigation is Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. The firm stands out because of its ability to handle high value and complex litigation cases. Also, the company offers mass litigation, cases popular in Brazil. Even though some law practices overlook such cases, Leite, Tosto e Barros continues to cater for the growing demand for representation in the area. The law firm also offers corporate, banking and employment law advice. Based in Sao Paolo, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados also provides pro bono, labor, environmental, and criminal law services.

Ricardo Tosto is a partner and the leading lawyer at the firm. He has established a name as a market leader in the litigation field in Brazil. Initially, Ricardo specialized in banking and corporate law. Dedication, efficiency, agility, and excellent skills make Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho a force to reckon within the financial markets and business sector. He works collectively with other lawyers in the firm to analyze the cases and offer outstanding and strategic legal advice for clients.

As a manager at the firm, Ricardo is a mentor for the young associates who join the company as trainees. He also supervises other management employees undertaking essential cases. Ricardo uses his knowledge and skills to create strategies, collect evidence, and guide the rest of the team when preparing for cases. Ricardo has represented multinationals, top Brazilian companies, political figures, government, and non-government organizations.

In the line of duty, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho encounters several challenges. After years of the practice, Ricardo has learned that the problems are part of the job and he can choose to rise above them. He opts to place boundaries and adheres to rules when dealing with clients. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho holds a post-graduate degree in business administration and a law degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Securus Technologies Is Revolutionizing The Incarceration Environment

More than two million people in the United States are behind bars. Federal and state prisons across the country are not just jails that hold convicted criminals; they are war zones where rival ethnic groups and gangs battle for dominance and power. Rick Smith, the CEO and chairman of Securus Technology, and his executive team are constantly developing products and new services that help prison officials prevent crimes. Securus is a premier technology company that happens to have more enforcement and correction patents than any other prison service company. Securus has hundreds of patents in its extensive corrections portfolio, and those patents cover fraud detection, commissary services, inmate calling and monitoring services as well as other products and services. Rick Smith recently told Securus was instrumental in obtaining a search warrant to bring down a corrupt prison staff member. Securus got information about the corrupt prison official through a Securus phone system in that prison.



Rick Smith gets letters from correctional facilities all over the country, and those letters describe the contribution Securus makes to the prison system in the United States. A recent letter from a prison official explains the importance of Securus monitoring system in place at that particular prison. The letter credits Securus for uncovering a drug-selling ring, alcohol use, as well as, drug use in that prison. Another letter credits Securus investigation tools for stopping the flow of contraband material that plagues state and federal prisons. Those letters are just a small sample of the positive comments Smith receives weekly.



Mr. Smith and his team at Securus focus on the specialized needs of corrections community. More than 2,600 prisons in 45 states, Canada, and Mexico say Securus is number one when it comes to providing technical solutions and quick customer service. Securus operates from the main office in Dallas, Texas, but the company also has regional offices in metro Dallas and one office in Atlanta Georgia.