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Highland Capital Management: Choosing The Right Investment Advisor


Highland Capital Management has an established history of providing superior advisory services to their clients. The company caters to business owners, organizations, establishments and high-profile individuals and has a great reputation in the industry.


Investment advisors and financial managers need to be certified, and they can only receive such certifications or recognition after they prove their knowledge or expertise.


Not all financial or investment professionals are created equal. Some professionals are known for delivering high quality wealth advisory, money management and financial services to clients. These professional have a good understanding of the industry and can advise clients on various aspects of investing and financial planning.

If you are serious about getting top notch service on investment or financial planning, Highland Capital Management can help you. Having a trusted investment advisory and management firm to advise you on financial or money management issues is a surefire way to ensure your success in this regard.


Reliable investment management firms render high quality services to their clients and ensure that both new clients and current clients are completely satisfied. Highland Capital Management is a trusted firm that has been providing financial and investment solutions and advisory for many years.


The professional at this renowned company are highly knowledgeable and experienced and they are also dedicated to ensuring the best quality services.


Some people have a hard time understanding investment planning or how to go about choosing the right investment opportunities for their situation. If you need help in understanding the process of investing or financial planning, then you need to consult the experts at Highland Capital Management for help.


Highland Capital Management has the skills and resources to provide the services you need to reach your goal and they have a proven track record. The company has been helping clients with their investment issues since 1987 and provides outstanding investment advisory and financial management services.

James Dondero: Determined To Help The Dallas Community Grow

We hear so often how success comes at the expense of others. That those who succeed can never understand the plights of those they cannot even bother to see. That they can’t spare even a moment, much less a dime, to help those still struggling to find their own success in life. However, there is someone right here in Texas that puts those claims to the lie. That to enjoy the fruits of hard work, dedication and risk taking doesn’t mean you no longer care if anyone else gets a chance.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, one of the world’s largest and most successful investment adviser and global alternative credit manager firms in the world. His knowledge, experience and leadership has helped build Highland Capital to nearly $5 billion in assets under management. Prior to starting Highland Capital with Mark Okada, James Dondero was the CIO responsible for growing Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from beginnning to $2 billion in less than 5 years. Mr. Dondero is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia and a dual major graduate from the McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He holds certificates as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). His success is well earned and well deserved.


This success hasn’t left James hardened and aloof to helping others in need, however. James and Highland Capital have already donated millions in proceeds to non-profit and charitable organizations in the Dallas area. He is a dedicated supporter of education opportunities, veterans’ affairs and public policy initiatives. The culture he has helped foster throughout Highland has led to numerous partnerships and donations to help causes for Dallas residents.


Southern Methodist University, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, Uplift Education, Capital for Kids and Dallas Zoo are just some of the people and organizations that have benefited for James Dondero’s efforts.


More recently, James and Highland have joined with the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and Dallas civic leader, Linda Owen, to help further Highland’s charitable programs. With over $3 million donated annually to organizations through The Dallas Foundation, James Dondero and Highland Capital are making a difference from the top to help improve the lives of those ion the community.