Equities First Holdings is your Non-Typical Lending Service

Equities First Holdings, with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and a satellite office in New York City, is a lending service for individuals, as well as businesses and commercial entities. The company, founded in 2002 provides loans to clients that are based on risk evaluation and future performance associated with treasury notes, stocks and bonds that clients hold. Clients are able to achieve their desired level of liquidity at rates below market by utilizing publicly traded shares as collateral.The stock based loan approach allows clients to access their liquidity by unlocking the value of their stock. The lending process utilized by Equities First Holdings has proven very successful for hundreds of transactions. This type of loan is an alternative to traditional loans that are typically more costly.

With an ever changing economy, Equities First Holdings stays on the cutting edge of such investing with quality customer service, operations and investment opportunities. Equities First Holdings, through the savvy development of solutions, has increased operations and management staff, as well as the size of their headquarters. Equities First Holdings also invests in their own operations as they continue to grow.

Clients include high net worth individuals and global entities looking to create capital for a variety of reasons. These individuals and company’s build their liquid assets with the Equities First Holding’s expertise. Partnering with such entities as top tier investment banks, commercial custodial banks and law firms, Equities First Holdings provides the necessary transactions to help build assets.

Equities First Holdings has become a favorable source of investment as they take advantage of the explosive growth of foreign markets such as Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Equities First Holdings accepts collateral shares from many exchanges worldwide. This allows the company to bring innovative solutions to new audiences around the world.



Small Enterprises Benefit From Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is one of the most prominent investment institutions in the world. For the company, the engage in the issuance of fast working capital to those who are in need of the money. Small enterprises and wealthy individuals always need money to complete their projects in the shortest time. However, the money is always characterized by a hard qualification method during the onset of the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, people end up working for better business development in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. During the harsh economic crisis, market instability is always inevitable. However, Equity First Holdings provides the stock-based loans to come to your aid at any time.

For you to secure a fast working loan with Equity First Holdings, you must submit your stocks for scrutiny. For this reason, you may end up working with different capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Equity First Holdings is also known to provide the best solutions in finance using stocks as collateral. For this reason, better business management is always inevitable. The masses are increasingly adopting the use of stock-based loans over the use of margin loans. While the two loans use stocks as collateral, they are very different in nature. For this reason, many people use the stock-based loans over the margin loans.

Stock-based loans are characterized by the non-purpose feature that allows the borrower to secure the fast working loan without stating the intended use of the loan. For this reason, they will end up working with different capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. When banks tighten their lending capabilities, it sets in that Equity First Holdings has many of the clients. The company targets the rich individuals and the small enterprises that seek constant flow of cash for the business.

It’s Time To Live The Good Life

Investing in fine wine used to be for the utlra-rich in the world. But today, it’s possible for anybody of even modest means to enter the exciting world of fine wine investment.

UKV PLC makes fine wine investment a possibility for people every day. UKC PLV is a wine merchant company, they obtain some of the best wines in the world and offer them for sale or consumption. Many people are taking advantage of this opportunity and reaping the rewards from a stable and exciting investment.

What Are The Wines?

UKC PLV offers a variety of wines from around the world, including:

Italian wines
Spanish wines

They offer world renowned wines from wine families like:

Lafite Rothschild
Dom Perignon
Chateau Cheval Blanc
Barbaresco Gaja

UKV PLC offers a multitude of wine services for the investor or the fine wine connoisseur. Their highly trained fine wine consultants can advise you on everything from the best bottle of wine for a meal to a the best bottle to buy for a profit.

UKV PLC operate a brokerage, allowing you buy and sell your wine directly. If you already have a wine collection, either big or small, they offer wine valuations. UKC PLV is always open to purchasing wine collections.

Their wine consultants are only a phone call away. They’re available to meet with clients at the UKC PLV offices, or they can make visits to offices or homes. Additionally, UKC PLV offers other wine services, and collectors can store their wine at UKC PLV connected facilities.

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Hair Care Wen by Chaz Helps to Restore Natural Beauty to Your Hair

It has once again changed seasons and if you are someone who suffers from hair that is less manageable, you know what this means for you. It means it has once again become that time of year where you search through endless amounts of hair care products trying to find the ones that best suite your needs. You are looking for a way to eliminate some of the frizz that is found in heat and rain as well as adding bounce to your hair. Bad hair day’s are more frequent for you than in recent months. With WEN, you can help eliminate some of your fear of bad hair day’s.

Maybe where you live or vacationing at, there is a high amount of heat. Maybe you are working someplace where there is a large amount of heat everyday causing your hair to become less manageable. Either way, your hair can be healthy and manageable once again. Your hair care products made by Wen by Chaz helps to eliminate some of those concerns you have about your dry, frizzy hair.

Chaz Dean(http://chazdean.com/) offers a line of anti-frizz styling crème which helps to end the amount of frizz in your hair. It is a simple, lightweight solution that is added to your hair. The hair care solution is good for those who live in the heat normally associated with summer months as well as those who live where there is a lot of humidity. It will increase the amount of moisture as well as shine and body that you have in your hair. It will also help to decrease the amount of breakage that you have each time you brush your hair. Once you start the hair routine, it won’t be long before you begin to see a difference. Wen products are available online on the wen.com website and other sites such as Amazon, eBay and Guthy-Renker.


Exciting App Changes the Way Parents and Teachers Talk

ClassDojo is an exciting new communication platform designed to help connect teachers and parents in a whole new way. The main idea behind this app is to create a way for teachers to communicate with parents far more often then the traditional once a semester parent/teacher conference. The app allows teachers to update parents on their child’s daily activities, social interactions, and behavior in the classroom. Teachers can even upload pictures and videos, giving parents an actual view into the classroom. This sort of technology allows teachers and parents to be partners in the child’s education.

In 2015, founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don raised 21 million dollars fo their company. This technology is currently in use at 85,000 schools around the country.  The Class Dojo app has three major ways for teachers, students, and parents to connect: a messaging system, a way to post videos and pictures, and original content designed to help students understand big social and emotional skills. And this additional 21 million dollars is going to be put to use expanding those tools.  Check www.linkedin.com for more.

While the company has yet to turn a profit, investotors aren’t expecting the company to do so for a least another year. The goal really is to engage parents and students in the classroom and to create a community that puts the education of the child in the hands on everyone. As a result of this high priority, the company has made the privacy of its users higher then the goal of making money and vowed not to abuse the trust parents and teachers have placed in the company. Instead they are thinking about introducing some premium products such as a special yearbook or the ability to pay for things like field trips through the app.  Based on www.angel.co.

Perhaps with such clear goals and dedication to the community, this app will foster a positive culture both inside the classroom and out.

See http://www.inc.com/salvador-rodriguez/classdojo-monetization-slack-classrooms.html.

The life and Career of Troy McQuage


There is a saying that goes hard work pays. This is what Troy McQuagge realized some few days ago. He was honored by the One Planet Awards as the chief executive officer of the year for the gold category. This award by the one planet is an award that recognizes certain professionals as well as business people from all industries across the globe. Any organization whether a profit organization, nonprofit, small or big can apply. The awards do not discriminate on the type of ownership as they recognize public and private institutions. Startup ventures are also encouraged to submit their application by the one planet awards.

Troy McQuagge is one of the most experienced CEO in the United States of America, and he joined USHEALTH seven years ago. Since then, he has managed to change the fortunes of the company recording significant growth and profit. He has achieved this by restructuring USHEALTH Advisors, which happens to be USHEALTH captive distribution agency. As a reward for the restructuring, he was honored and named the president and chief executive officer of the company. He has helped the company navigate through the hard economic times of today.

He termed this recognition as an honor and a privilege. He then dedicated this award to the fellow workers of USHEALTH saying that he would not have achieved this feat without their help. He further elaborated that this is a sign that the company is moving in the right direction towards the implementation of their mission which is offering innovative coverage at a customer friendly price. This is not the first time that the one planet has dished out this prestigious award. This award exists in different categories such as the team’s awards, executive awards, new product, and services award. The award also exists in other categories such as the marking award, PR award and corporate communication award.

Troy McQuagge has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a degree in legal studies. Other than business, he is also involved in volunteer experiences and causes such as Hope kid Dallas, Semper Fi Fund Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

Some of his skills include health insurance, Marketing, professional liability, sale management among many other skills. He has received several awards over the glittering 30-year career. Before he began working with the USHEALTH, he used to work with the Health Market as the president of the marketing group. He worked with this company for over two decades. He has worked with all kind of companies whether startups, high growth companies, and even turnarounds. He is known for his ability to work with groups from different cultures. He has a reputation for making tough decisions.

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