Why hiring new Employees is a crucial Process to every Business Venture

Hiring new employees is always an important, yet tricky, process to a new company. Many companies gamble while hiring new staff especially graduates or players who have never been in the industry before.

The human resources departments usually go through tons of files and application letters to shortlist candidates and then spend tremendous amounts of time interviewing candidates. Even with all this time, efforts and money dedicated to this exercise, it is still a gamble if the final candidate will perform to the expectations of the company.

According to Crunchbase, Raj Fernando is an experienced executive who has been in the industry for years.

Mr. Fernando’s system involves his hiring team engaging and interacting with the potential candidates to study as much as possible about them. His desired candidate must meet the rule of bringing goodness and positive moods to the company. No matter how qualified or how good they are; they must meet this minimum requirement.

His hiring team begins their preliminary search by attending job fairs and the top schools that have a reputation of bringing “A” players to the industry. Sometimes the recruitment process is so important that Raj himself is involved.

Raj believes that the key to finding a good employee is finding an employee who will fit naturally in the company and possibly serve until retirement. They determine this by painting a good picture of the company to the potential candidate and even bringing him to the company to ask questions to the current employees.

By hiring the best candidate, the company saves time and money that could be used to replace employees who do not perform to the firm’s expectations or drop his job after a short time. Raj also makes sure that his employees are happy by offering a competitive remuneration and providing good working conditions for them.

Raj is the founder and former CEO of Chopper Trading, a Dallas-based company that specialized in securities trading. He is the current CEO and founder of Scoutahead.com. Raj is a holder of economic and history degree from Beloit College.

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