Daniel Taub Believes The Middle East Can Unite On Nuclear Concerns

The United Kingdoms Israel Ambassador, Daniel Taub, has suggested the plausibility of an agreement in the Middle East with the Jewish state and its long standing antagonists to possibly attempt a pushback against Iranian nuclear developments possible threats.

These ambitions were not affected by last weeks Tehran deal. In discussing Shia partnerships in the Middle East backeed by Tehran, Daniel offered the idea of collaboration among Sunni Islam countries like Saudi Arabia and the State of Israel.

Daniel Taub believes a thread of radical Islam running from Tehran to Gaza that bothers not just Israel but especially Saudi Arabia and Gulf states runs from Tehran.

Taub suggests countries in the Middle East put their differences to the side and deepen their relationship with each other and adjust their policies to achieve compatible goals.

Taub stated the changes which are currently going on in the region are driving countries to make judgments they haven’t had to make before when he was asked if he actually thought those types of relationships could stand in the face of longtime disagreements about the occupation in Palestine.

Foreign Secretary William Hague received praise Monday for his part in representing UKs portion of the agreement, which is set to last six months and loosens sanctions on Iran in exchange for UN inspection access being increased along with uranium enrichment guarantee agreements. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/ and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

William Hague said Iran already made lots of very big commitments and that the deal is just the first step in the long process of getting not only the Middle East but the entire world to be safer in the face of nuclear threats.

He said that one of their main concerns is that not even one day past the signing of the agreement, Iran and the negotiators hold different ideas about the meaning of right of uranium enrichment. He also said that even though we still hold concerns it’s not much of an important issue at the very moment. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

As well as being the ambassador for the UK, Daniel has had a range of legal and diplomatic positions with Israel’s foreign ministry. Taub is an expert on international and war law, negotiator, writer, and speaker who had appearances on outlets such as SkyNews, BBC, and CNN

How Having a Vision Helps According to Vijay Eswaran

When people try to hold leadership positions, they find that they are in a different world than they were as employees. For one thing, they are not going to be able to make money as easily. One of the reasons that being an employee is a lot easier than being a leader is that employees only have to do what they are told. They do not have to figure out all of the other aspects of business such as the direction to go in. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to have a vision for what they want to do.

Among the people who have a vision is Vijay Eswaran. As a matter of fact, he has a vivid and clear vision which makes it easier for him to move forward. He has visions for each of his goals which makes it easier for him to not only pursue, but communicate with others and get them to cooperate with him. Vijay has developed a vision of a friendlier and healthier world. At the same time, he is not too attached to results and is willing to accept help. He often speaks and encourages others on the vision that he has.

Often times, when people are told about pursuing goals, they are also advised to visualize. Visualization makes it easier for people to achieve their goals because they get a clearer picture of what it looks like. Vijay Eswaran has visualized his company growing and forming different divisions which include a direct selling division that he can bring to other entrepreneurs of his choosing. One thing that Vijay Eswaran wants people to experience is true freedom. When people experience this type of freedom, then they are going to see for certain that they do not have to be miserable at work.

Malcolm Caselle is Leading WAX to Bring Crypto-Currency Mainstream

Emerging out of the interface of OPSkins, the video game with the leading in-game sales in the world, is a P2P block-chain system for virtual asset trading called WAX. Standing for Worldwide Asset Exchange, WAX allows for in-game purchasing and selling without having to navigate through the geographic fragmentation of currencies that currently restrict the marketplace regionally. This is because WAX tokenizes virtual asset, creating a common currency in-game.

Additionally, WAX will be making use of state of the art block-chain smart contracts and Designated Proof of Stake (DPOS). Due to its guarantee of asset delivery, smart contracts create a fraud proof exchange system without the need for intermediates and middlemen. To further add to its security, WAX runs on DPOS which is chosen by votes to delegated “witnesses,” making DPOS the most democratic and efficient consensus algorithm to date.

The project is being led by WAX President Malcolm CasSelle,who believes that the gaming industry is crypto-currency’s path to the mainstream market. Casselle, who graduated from MIT and has a masters degree in computer science from Stanford, is also the CIO of OPSkins and has been at the leading forefront of the tech industry since 1995. With experience leading successful tech companies such NetNoir and Xfire Cassell has the reputation and experience to backup WAX’s confident claims. CasSell has also been involved in high profile ventures such as leading Groupon’s joint venture with the Chinese company Tencent, acting as CEO for MediaPass, and entering as an early stage investor in Facebook.

WAX is just the newest of CasSelle’s many start up ventures, and it has promising beginnings. The cutting edge crypto-currency technology paired with a successful international entrepreneur is a formidable matchup. However, still in its early days, WAX has yet to become the disruptive leader it has the potential to be.



How Fashion Can Play into Self Worth and What The RealReal Offers

For people that are struggling with their self worth, they can find some really good outfits that can help them appreciate their worth. For instance, there are companies like The RealReal that offers items that go beyond the usual fashion options so that people can find something that goes beyond the typical offerings and is exclusive to their own style. This can do wonders for one’s own sense of self worth. There are many ways that people can improve their self worth with their wardrobe. For one thing, when they put together an outfit, they are going to notice that they are satisfied with it.

Among the things that happen to someone who takes an interest in fashion and shops at stores such as The RealReal is that they are going to see that the clothes they choose are more than just something they wear. They are going to notice that they have chosen the right items for their style. When they see that others are impressed with their choices, then it is going to help with their self image. At the same time, they do not have to depend on the approval of others is if they are happy with what they have chosen.

One of the best things about The RealReal is that it specializes in luxury items. They have a lot of jewelry such as watches and other types of jewelry. This gives men the chance to accessorize for their style. Also, these items are not sold at a cheap price. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that the items are very high in quality. For men and women who are looking for stylish and durable items, they are going to find lasting value from The RealReal. They can shop on the site, or shop at one of the pop-up locations.

Texas Native Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Austin, Texas Native. She studied at the University of Texas medical branch. Later on, she completed her fellowship in New York. Dr. Walden built a very successful practice in New York before deciding to return to Austin, Texas several years ago. Indeed, Dr. Jennifer Walden returned to her home state with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with her home town patients and associates.

Home Town Girl Makes Good

People in the community welcomed Dr. Jennifer Walden back home to Austin, Texas in 2011. Certainly, her amazing plastic surgery talents were welcomed back home too. Dr. Walden specializes in many of the most popular cosmetic procedures. For example, her specialties include face lifts, breast augmentation, eye lifts, and nose jobs. Dr. Walden admits that she is a strange sight in the cosmetic surgery world because there aren’t that many cosmetic surgeons that are women. Furthermore, only about a dozen female cosmetic surgeons live in the state of Texas.

Male Dominated Occupation

Certainly, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is an occupation that is primarily composed of men. Walden believes that the reason for the lack of women in the profession is due to the long length of time that is required to train to become a cosmetic surgeon. Often, women do not want to enter the occupation because it would mean delaying having children or even considering marriage. Walden admits to facing many difficulties because of male attitudes in the male dominated profession. However, she is up to the challenge.

Women Surgeons

The fact is that most of the people considering cosmetic surgery are women. They prefer the female cosmetic surgeon because another woman clearly understands their needs and desires along with the changes that their body goes through during giving birth and breast feeding a child. Indeed, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a welcomed site for many female patients because she truly understands their concerns. Walden on Facebook

Malcom CasSelle Keeps Fraud Out of Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, the biggest bitcoin merchant and the top seller of in-game virtual assets in the world. Malcolm CasSelle’s company created WAX, the Worldwide Asset eXchange, which is a peer to peer marketplace for their users to trade their virtual assets. It’s a decentralized network that allows the trading of these assets to go smoother and more securely. Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX system prevents fraud and fragmentation with a widget that implements blockchain technology. Users don’t even have to leave their game by instantly buy and sell goods.

The virtual asset market is fragmented, meaning there are several systems that aren’t integrated for various reasons like language, location, security, and payment processing. Malcolm CasSelle’s system looks to change that. One of the main focuses WAX has is stopping fraud, a problem the virtual asset world is full of. They are doing this through smart contracts that guarantee the delivery of the product upon delivery of funds. Since the system is decentralized, there aren’t third parties that need to get involved in the process. Read This Article for additional information.

Malcolm CasSelle has computer science degrees from both Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the acting president of WAX alongside being the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins. He has also been the President and Chief Technology Officer at tronc, the former Tribune Publishing and oversaw properties buying and selling digital assets. Prior to tronc, the acted as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media for SeaChange International when it purchased Timeline Labs, of which he was Chief Executive Officer.

CasSelle’s social network for gamers, Xfire, had 22 million users. As his obligations grew, he kept the network going by handing the reins to some of the users of the site. Malcolm CasSelle also founded the company PCCW, a Hong Kong-based telecom company that is valued at over $35 billion USD.

Source: https://about.me/casselle

Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers started his career DJing as a hobby in clubs and bars around New York City. As Pall started to gain recognition he realized that his hobby was his true passion and he decided to give it a true shot and make it a full-time career. While it pays the bills, Alex Pall refuses to call his career in music a job as he truly loves what he does. When he went to his manager to discuss the possibility, he introduced him to Andrew Taggart who would quickly become the second part of the Chainsmokers duo. Alex Pall and Taggart immediately started making music together and just clicked. They shared the same music taste and vision to create electronic dance music that went beyond the typical wild, young, and carefree formula that seems to be so prevalent today. Alex Pall quit his job and Taggart relocated to New York from Maine. (Read more about Pall on Genius.com: Alex Pall)


Unlike most artists in the dance music genre, the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, are heavily involved in the music writing process and even lend their voices to some of their tracks. On songs that they do not write completely by themselves and with friends, they are there every step of the way in the process giving their input and guiding their songwriters to create lyrics that truly fit the pair as individuals. In a genre that is filled with euphoria-inducing beats and drops, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall bring emotion and part of themselves in their work. They strive to make their music human in a sea of electronic sounds. Inspired by bands like Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional, their music has a bit of a nostalgic feel for modern times. Go To This Page for more information.


As their audience grows, the pair is evolving with them. Originally, the Chainsmokers struggled to try to write lyrics that their audience would relate to until they decided just to write about life. Alex Pall enjoys being able to follow and interact with his fans on social media. On sites like Instagram, he can see directly how his music affects his fans and it drives him to continue doing what he does.



View Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chainsmokers


Jordan Lindsey’s Key To Productivity

When it comes to business and being an entrepreneur, productivity is one of the most important things. Everyone has to find a secret to their own productivity. Jordan Lindsey has found his secret. One thing that has helped him maintain productivity is that he has used visualization. He has planned ahead and visualized what he wanted to achieve for the day. He takes the time to come up with a plan for the day and make sure that he is going to carry that plan out. This is a helpful secret for many entrepreneurs who want to get ahead and reach their goals. (More about Jordan Lindsey on Crunchbase: Jordan Lindsey)


One thing that Jordan Lindsey has noticed is that people have different ways of working. Among the things that help people work well is if they have a list of tasks to get done. This can go a long way towards their productivity. One thing that can also help is if people are organized about what they are doing. This will not only take them to their goals at a faster rate but will also help them reach any financial goals that they may have. One thing that entrepreneurs learn is that they are not paid by the hour by their own productivity.


Jordan has reached different goals throughout his career. He has reached both his short term and long-term goals. This has helped him gain not only the confidence but the insight that he can use to give meaningful answers to questions asked in interviews. As the founder of JCL Capital, he has found something that has given him the success he needs. He is also no stranger to failure. Among the pieces of advice that he gives to aspiring entrepreneurs is to not be so scared of failure. Failure is going to be inevitable and is going to come in many forms.


Lindsey is a self-taught computer programmer, who created his own platform the Bitcoin Growth Bot to expand investment support options in the cryptocurrency industry. Today, Jordan Lindsey offers his Bitcoin Growth bot to the trading community. Among his investment accomplishments, the Nucleus Token released in Q3 2017 resulted in a successful crowd sale. See Related Link for more information.

Waiakea Hawiian Volcanic Water has Amazing Benefits

Only 20 years ago, you might have wondered, how to bring water to class, but, today there are so many different brands of bottled water, it’s difficult to choose one. Most have a catchy phrase attached to the brand name to get you to buy their water, but Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is not just another water. Waiakea Water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, and it is naturally mineral-infused and alkaline rich. (See more info about Waiakea Water on Organic Authority: Waiakea Water: Redefines Sustainable)


This Hawaiian volcanic water has amazing benefits in the volcanic water. Waiakea Water was founded by 22-year old college freshman, Ryan Emmons, and even as a young entrepreneur, he made the decision to base Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water on the slogan – “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically.” This slogan is supported by millennials, and coincidently, they are his main customers. See Related Link for more information.


Ryan took a huge step forward to start Waiakea at age 22. He rented the volcanic stream for the next 99 years, and he and his partner, Matt Meyer, started Waiakea, and now Ryan is CEO and manager. Waiakea sold 2,304 cases in the first year, and in 2017, the company was valued at $10 million. Ryan attributes his success to adhering to the slogan.


Simply put, the Waiakea Water is natural and healthy as it is infused with minerals as it rushes through the rocky volcano. Waiakea Water is miles above other companies in creating the plastic for bottles.


Last year Waiakea developed a form of plastic that disintegrates in 15 years, while the plastic used globally takes thousands of years to disintegrate. Many corporations who use plastic are eager to learn what Waiakea already knows about this process. Waiakea is leading the world in environmentally-friendly packaging.


And as for ethically, from the inception of Waiakea Volcanic Water, Ryan wanted to Give Back from his success. He is a young philanthropist and he donates 650 ML of clean water for every bottle sold to communities that are in need of clean water plus in other venues. Pumpaid is the charity partner, and to date, he has donated over 500 million liters of water to Africa.


Check them out on YouTube.

Talk Fusion Video Communication

In 2007 Bob Reina a police officer in Florida launched a successful video communication marketing company that allowed for him to leave his job as a police officer to make a lot more money. He was not only able to make a lot more money than what he was making as a police officer he was allowed to work a job that was a lot more fulfilling. He got the idea to create Talk Fusion after he had a problem sending a video through email. They told him that it was impossible to create, but he decided to create it.

Bob Reina was able to go after his marketing dream through Talk Fusion. He sold little things on the side to make money now he makes millions. He has been able to build a successful company by creating products that are life-changing to all of his customers. The latest creation was WebRTC. WebRTC is a program that allows you to communicate through video using your browser. Users are able to send emails using video instead of writing long messages are able to do so using Talk Fusion’s technology. When they want to respond that can respond at their own time. WebRTC also allows corporations to hold live meetings. WebRTC is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers whether they be desktop or laptop.

The meaning of meetings has changed significantly because Talk Fusion allows companies to host meetings online rather than being crammed in offices and people walking in late. People do not have to worry about being late because they do not have to worry about having problems with downloading software. They can just open the browser page and join the meeting. The host of the meeting is also allowed to make presentations and test them before the meeting to make sure that everything is running well.

Talk Fusion, and all that they offer has helped changed the way that people see technology. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion based on a need. He has accomplished all that he has been able to achieve because he bases his company off of the needs of people. He creates beyond what people are able to imagine. When Talk Fusion began, they had immediate success because the company was supplying a need rather than creating useless and meaningless products. Talk Fusion continues to build greatness for people in 140 countries around the world. https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/