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Modern slavery may well be a global issue occurring in civilized societies as well as those that are not so. Some countries are reported to have slavery within its given populations from 1% to 4%. These include India with the lowest, followed by Haiti, Qatar, Uzbekistan and Mauritania.

Furthermore, Britain has the modern slavery bill going through its Parliament and has the backing and endorsement of that nation’s Prime Minister and Government officials. Australia, Brazil, and the US are seeking to eliminate modern slavery practices through government procurements and the business supplies chains. Additionally, other countries including Austria, Ireland, Georgia, and Norway have voiced their opposition to modern slavery on the global level. It is estimated that modern slavery affects 35 million people internationally. Many regard this as the worst form of human exploitation. Trafficing people and placing them in substandard living environments is rather disconcerting.

Government with its legislative capacity, business with its supply/demand side, civil societies marked by a strong sense of humanitarianism, are together posing as a united front to actively curtail the modern practice of slavery. Big thanks to friend of the site Marc Sparks for sending in this tip.

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If you’re hungry for more kpop, you have to check out Girl’s Day’s video for “I Miss You”:

My favorite part is the rap section, where Yura shows off her ability to spit out some rhymes. Rivaling anything I’ve heard out of Brad Reifler in a while.

A stark contrast to the dance floor releases that Girl’s Day has become known for, this is a nice turn. Showing that the group is growing as a band, and is capable of expanding what you might expect from them as artists.

Definitely interested to see what else they can come up with on the next full album.